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Our story began 2 years ago. My name is Alexey Konyshev, I am the founder of the so called developers' colony in Russia. Two years ago I decided to contribute to the local community by teaching local children professional web development. So I moved to the closest village school and offered them a free course of programming on React and Node.js.

The results were shocking. Two years later, those children were working remotely with a salary of $1000 a month.

Why is this shocking?

To understand the big picture – the average salary in any Russian province is less than $350 a month. Unemployment and poverty are very typical in such places. This problem is a source of many others – criminal, corruption, terrorism and so on.

What is shocking however, is how easily this terrifying situation can be changed. At that school, I did it for free as a hobby. Which changes I could make, if I would run this course as a full-scale project?

So I decided to make this fight my personal mission. My solution is to build a network of programming educational centers inside the poorest Russian provinces. At the moment, I am opening the first one – it is located in the Kirov region.

Why you should care about it?

As a result of the mentioned social problems, our government has an extremely aggressive foreign policy – because having an external enemy is the easiest way to explain poor living conditions to the citizens. So it is not only a Russian problem – it is a common problem.

Going further, we all cannot ignore unemployment and poverty anywhere in our world. Take a look at Africa. In many African countries, millions of children live below the poverty line. All of them are potential victims of international terrorism recruiters. No one can feel safe on our planet, while we have poverty and unemployment.

So my plan is to fix this situation first in Russia (since I was born here) and then push this solution to the poorest countries of the world.

Join us!

This project may create a tremendous social impact all over the world. It is very difficult in the beginning, so I am asking for your help.

When I started the course, I encountered a huge problem. I can’t make students believe they can really work on international world-changing projects and earn sufficient money. They used to live in a swamp of archaic things and bureaucracy, so they just don’t think that is really possible in their situation.

Here is where you come into the picture. We need creative and interesting people from the big world – to talk to our students, to share their experiences and to help students believe in themselves. It doesn’t matter what specialist you are – a programmer, a college teacher, an artist or a businessman. If you have something to share – you are very welcome.

Our offer

We offer you to stay for a few days up to two weeks in a beautiful cabin at the lake, surrounded by pine forests. You’ll have breakfast, lunch and dinner, perfect internet connection (so you can continue working on your business) and lots of free time.

Your only obligation is to spend an hour a day talking to our students in the form of a discussion club. Discussion topics can be anything – you pick the topic you want to better share your experience.


Our school is located inside the so called developers' colony. It is in the Kirov region (former Vyatka province), Slobodkoy district. You can easily get to Kirov from Moscow or Saint Petersburg by train or plane. We'll meet you upon arrival and pick you up at the airport or the railroad station and will accompany you back when your stay is over.

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